MAWINHAL - Optimization software (BLAJER)


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MawinHal - Cutting Optimization Software


MawinHal is a program that determines optimal cutting layouts and produces cutting schemes. Its ability to perform the whole cutting process - starting with giving cutting directions and ending with finished cuts; gives a complete solution to the plywood cutting manufacturers. This software is able to operate cutting machines, as well as to print out wood edge bands. MawinHal’s ability to exchange information, layout diagrams, as well as material specifications through the Internet could be an effective way of collaboration between the manufacturers and their clients.Its powerful algorithms, yet easy to use, declare MawinHal as a real professional working tool for the smaller carpenters, as well as the larger factories. MawinHal with a combination of MawinSal represent a complete software solution for automation of manual or semi-auto plywood cutting machines.

  • Unlimited number of cuts
  • Seven different methods for determining optimal cutting layouts 
  • Manually rearrange the elements in the cutting scheme
  • Supports many different wood cutting machine types (Selco, Holzher, WN200)
  • Compatibility with the interior design software MawinKit
  • Multilanguage support
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