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1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Phone:  ++389 75 440610
  • Library of materials and wood edge bands
  • Option for updating the library of materials 
  • Ability to electronically exchange materials through the Internet
  • Ability to rotate individual elements
  • Wood edging, determining edges that need to be finished with edge bands
  • Selecting suitable edge bands for the elements
  • Seven different methods for determining optimal cutting layouts
  • Ability to manually rearrange the elements in the cutting scheme
  • Ability to print out complete work instructions reports
  • Ability for user interface design of the work instructions report
  • Ability to add a cutting scheme in the work instructions report
  • User interface design of the cutting scheme
  • Ability to produce cost estimates for materials and labor
  • Ability to produce and print out material and wood edge band specifications
  • A ‘left-over piece’ specification may be printed and added to the work instruction report
  • Ability to print out a specification of cuts that need to be finished manually
  • Ability to print labels
  • Ability for user to design different format of labels
  • Complete overview of used materials and edge bands in the cutting scheme
  • Ability to transfer cutting schemes electronically through the Internet
  • Compatibility with the interior design software MawinKit
  • Supports different wood cutting machine (Selco,Holzher,WN200,GIBEN,Holzma,SCM,Schelling)
  • User ability to modify the software for using with any type of machine
  • Multilanguage support
  • Combined with particular software – MawinSal, can automatize manual cutting machines
  • Possibility for distribution of client’s versions of their consumers
  • Tracking leftover materials
  • Linked with the other furniture design software © 2006