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Carpenters Solution

The carpenter’s version of the cutting optimization software MawinHal is intended to be used by the individual carpenters, as well as the smaller factories. Why do we recommend this software? First of all, because it saves not only time needed to design cutting schemes, but also saves on quantity of used materials. It is very simple to use.

The number of cuts is unlimited. User has seven different methods available for determining optimal cutting layouts. If not satisfied with the result, user may manually rearrange the element in the scheme at any moment. There is an option to individually rotate elements in the layout. With this version user may produce a variety of special reports, such as: complete work instruction report with specification of used cuts with dimensions, number of boards used, total length of edge bands used, and overview of leftover materials. To meet your individual requirements, there is an option for user interface design of work instructions and cutting layout schemes. © 2006