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Machine Driver Solution

The machine version of the cutting optimization software MawinHal is intended to be used by the factories that specialize in wood cutting and furniture design, that use computerized machines. The machine version offers a technology of computerizing the working process, beginning with designing work instruction, through computerized transferring of cutting layouts in wood cutting machines. Machine operator skips the process of entering the element specification, as well as the commands for entering the cutting scheme. The actual cutting process begins immediately.

Available to the user, there is a library of materials and wood edge bands that are used in the particular factory, with an option for updating. With this version user may produce a variety of special reports, such as: complete work instruction report with specification of used cuts with dimensions, number of boards used, total length of edge bands used, overview of leftover materials, overview of elements that need to be finished manually because of possible limited machine abilities, as well as final cost estimates.

Depending on the individual factory’s needs, we offer to design client versions of this software that would simplify the communication between the manufacturer and its clients. Each customer would be given a client version with a library of materials used by the particular factory, and would be able to transfer work instructions electronically. This is intended to save time and accelerate the collaboration. © 2006