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MawinKit is professional software for furniture design and interior decoration. Its ability for instant project visualization and easy to use features, define MawkinKit as powerful and sophisticated software for direct collaboration with the client.
Cabinet library of over 7000 different cabinet styles,  over 4500 types of different materials and complete manufacturers palettes; over 1000 elements, hardware, lighting, appliances, windows, doors, etc.
* Complete specification for used materials; ability to calculate a cost-estimate by used materials, price by furniture elements, or any combination of different elements and materials.
* Transferring your project in a standard graphic format with an option to choose resolution.
* Ability to transfer elements for cutting, grouped by materials, in the software for optimization and designing cutting schemes – MawinHal...
MawinSal is software that helps in computerizing and automatizing manual wood cutting machines by adding a PC and some additional mechanical and electronic units, depending on machine type and condition. The cutting optimization software MawinHal designs the cutting schemes and transmits these to MawinSal. Next, MawinSal leads the machine until the cutting process is completed. MawinSal has a feature for monitoring and instant graphical overview of the process flow – showing the actual cutting process at the moment.
* MawinLim is a computer software for optimization and manufacturing of cutting schemes from rolled tin sheets. It is used as a complete solution by factories that manufacture tin trims.  
* 7 different cutting (tailoring) methods
* Inventory managing of materials: rolled tin sheets, remainders, and sold products
* Ability for manual rearranging elements in cutting schemes
* Complete material and financial work overview © 2006